Tell your senators: Don't roll back our democracy

Large campaign contributions can influence who is able to run for office, and gives an advantage to candidates able to raise the most money. This gives wealthy interests a megaphone in our elections that drowns out the voices of everyday Americans.

Our current limits on contributions to candidates' campaigns are not enough, but they do give us a safeguard against unlimited and direct influence by wealthy special interests. Now, Sen. Ted Cruz has proposed legislation to completely remove direct contribution limits, which would allow wealthy interests to bankroll campaigns.

We're fighting every day to lift up the voices of small donors in our elections. But in a world where the mega-wealthy can give as much as they want directly to candidates, it's going to be tougher than ever to put regular voters back in the driver's seat of our democracy. We need to stop this bill in its tracks.

Tell your senators to fight this bill and keep campaign contribution limits in place.