Tell ADOT to Keep on Track with Phoenix-Tucson Passenger Rail

The Arizona Dept. of Transportation recently completed the necessary next step to make Phoenix-Tucson passenger rail a reality. But they, and other decision makers, need to hear Arizonans support moving forward.

Keep ADOT on track. Tell them you want passenger rail between Phoenix-Tucson.

It is best to personalize your message. Suggestions below:

  1. Thank ADOT for moving forward Phoenix-Tucson passenger rail. Encourage them to continue with necessary next steps.
  2. Add a couple sentences or so about why this is important to you (more transportation options are good for the economy, environment; you want to be able to travel for work or recreation to other parts of the state without having to drive; less cars on the road is better for our air and our health; …).
  3. Encourage ADOT to recognize that transportation trends in Arizona point to an increase in public transit. Therefore, it is important to ensure Phoenix-Tucson passenger rail connects with existing and future transit services and that passenger rail can be a catalyst for transit-oriented development.